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Cuban Latin Championship 2023

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August 8 and 9, 2023


theater america


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New Modalities


  • Cha Cha Cha


    They are

  • -RUMBA




-Yoruba (Folk dances - Representation of the Saints)

Babalu Aye


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Leivan García




Anisley Gonzalez




María de los Ángeles Sarduy Gonzáles




Jennyselt Galata






Milagros de la Caridad Contreras


MundialEvents Producciones is a generator of Latin events made up of a committed, passionate and highly trained work team, dedicated to carrying them out in South America and the world.
Working mainly under the premises of transparency, justice and excellence with a clear objective, to provide you with the best experience in each of the organizational aspects.
On this occasion we present the Cuban Latin Championship, the first Latin dance championship with a final in Havana, Cuba, a world heritage city and cradle of Afro-Cuban, traditional and popular dances within the framework of the Cuban Latin Congress.
Throughout the four days that make up this event, we will be able to enjoy a unique experience of local and international competitions and shows, where live music, dance, cocktails and gastronomy will be combined.


Producer of Cuban Latin Congress and Cuban Latin Championship

Producer of Cuban Latin Congress and Cuban Latin Championship.

Managing Partner of MUNDIALEVENTS Producciones, a production company that is in charge of the franchise in Argentina of the most prestigious Latin dance championship in the world The Summit Championship, since 2021; and has brought artists such as Daniel Santacruz and
Domenic Marte (whose representative is throughout Latin America).

Current President of the Chamber of Dance, Dancers and Related Studies of the Province of Córdoba (CDC)

He was Director of the FUTURE Dance School in Cerro de Las Rosas for 12 years, and since 2016 and currently, Director of the DINAMIC CENTER – Gustavo Gaveglio Dance Studio, in Alta Córdoba.

He began his preparation as a dancer in 1998, already completing 25 years of experience.
He continued his academic training in Puerto Rico, New York, and Cuba (9 trips) being close to making his tenth study trip, with the teacher Milagros Contreras Pérez, a graduate of the ISA (Higher Institute of Arts) in Havana.

Throughout his career he spent a year living in Madrid, Spain, working in important dance venues in 1999.
He made 6 consecutive tours of Japan with Fernando Quevedo’s QPRODUCTIONS LAS VEGAS company, with the show Las Vegas Night.
He lived a year in Morocco working in the Latin show COPACABANA, LA FIESTA. Dancing tango and latin music.
In each of these projects he worked as a logistics manager, as well as a dancer and choreographer.


(Cuba) Co – Producer of Cuban Latin Congress and Cuban Latin Championship

2012 Graduated from the degree in Folkloric Dance by CPT in the
Higher Institute of Art (ISA).
Graduated in Medium Level of Dance. (Provincial Center for Culture
“Felix Varela”
l1999 Graduated from the qualification course for Artistic Direction, by the center
for culture Felix Varela
Work experience
1989: I joined the company Pinos Nuevos
1991-1994: I joined the dance group of the Salón Rojo of the “Hotel Capri” under the
directed by Cristi Domínguez, I participate in the video clips: “What’s wrong with you mommy”,
by Adalberto Álvarez y su Son and “Tenth grade teacher” Isaac
Delgado”, at the same time I work with the orchestra “Cohíba Son”,,

. Then I join the dance group of “Arístides y su Rumbantela Latina”
belonging to the agency “Turrarte. SA
1995-1997: I joined the dance group of the National Cabaret.
1997: I started working at the International Hotel “Varadero” directed by
Andres Gutierrez.
1998: choreographer of the Aquatic Ballet “Aqua-Danz”, for 3 years, at the same time
time I work in the group “Soy América” ​​directed by Oscar Gómez.
We worked permanently for 2 years in Marina Heminguey
. .2000 She was Director and choreographer of her Dance Company,: called
Fuego caribeño, belonging for 8 years to the catalog of the company “Ignacio
Piñeiro as artistic director and choreographer until 2008.
2008 _2011.Physical trainer, teacher of dance composition and workshops of
Cuban dances for children candidates to enroll in the Alicia Alonso ballet school
and the Alejandro Campentier Dance School.
2008 _2012 Dancer, choreographer and part of the choir of the company “7 Potencias”
belonging to the agency “Turarte. SA”
. Composer of various genres, belongs to the Cuban Agency for Authors’ Rights
Musicales (ACDAM) since 1999
Representative, choreographer and composer of different vocal soloists, quartets and duos
Juveniles. Like the classics, obbdara blue, extraterrestrials, Latin soul and others
Manager of soloists such as anayabza, Dayron González, Eraisis and elaysis.
2012 to date. “Director and teacher of the Milydance dance academy.
Teacher of the International Festival of Salsa and Casino “Baila en Cuba”
He is currently Manager of the Cuban Timba Orchestra, “El hijo de teresa y la
Arrival” belonging to the Popular music center.
He has also given traditional, popular and folkloric dance workshops in Italy,
Norway, Holland and other European countries.


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Leivan García Valle

Graduated from the National School of Art in the Specialty of Modern Dances
Title of Artistic Direction, National Center for the Improvement of Culture (2017)
Ramiro Guerra Award from the AHS Hermanos Saiz Association for the dance musician show “En mi Patio” (2018) He currently practices his profession in the National Folkloric Ensemble of Cuba as first dancer, teacher and choreographer.
Since 2013 and up to the present, he participates as a teacher of Folkcuba (International Workshop of Cuban Folkloric Dance and Singing and Percussion).

Since his beginnings at the CFNC, he has participated in different national and international artistic tours as a dancer and teacher, visiting countries such as:

Italy (2008), Artistic Tour that covered several Italian cities while he was studying
Guadeloupe Islands, International Tour
Kuwait, International Tour
Venezuela (2012), where he gave 3 Cuban Folk Dance Workshops
Spain (2013),
Trinidad and Tobago (2017),
Colombia (2016), where he participated as a jury and gave workshops at the XI World Festival of Salsa Cali
Italy (2019),
Germany (2019), artistic exchange, including Afro-Cuban Dance Workshops
Prize in the Dance Contest in the Matanzas Province “DanzanDos” for the choreography “Homage” (2019)
Creation Award and “Kingdom of this World” Scholarship for the work “Bara”, awarded by the AHS (2019)
Ramiro Special Award

Maegaret Estevez

Graduated with a degree in Dance Art, Folkloric Dances Profile.

Graduated from the National School of Art
teacher of the world event of casino dancers and salsa academies known
like dancing in cuba
Ena teacher currently
He has received postgraduate degrees in different genres
dance them..
He has been a jury member of different Cuban and foreign festivals
He has been a member of different dance companies such as
Isadanza, Parisian cabaret, Varadero International and others
International tours and events

France, Guadeloupe, Spain, United States

Anisley Gonzalez Buduén

– Bachelor’s degree in dance art. folk dance profile

-Folklore teacher for five years in the socio-cultural project, Por el este sala el sol, attached to the Nicolás Guillen Foundation.

-I received postgraduate degrees in international dance and popular and ballroom dance, taught by the consulting teacher Graciela Chao Carbonero.

-I participated in the world meeting of Baila casino in Cuba, as an accompanying dancer.

– Artistic collaborator for two consecutive years of one of the universities of California (CALART)

-I taught rumba classes and its styles on several occasions at the Cuban Art Factory.

-Dancer of the national septet Ignacio Piñero at various times.

– I worked as a lecturer in the Rutas y andares project of the city historian.

Yaseli Sanchez

Graduated with a degree in dance art, Folk Dance Profile. ISA

primary school course at the Regino Eladio Butti art school in the province of
study course at ENA in Havana
She has participated as a teacher in the world meeting of casino dancers and dance academies
salsa known as “ baile en cuba“.
She is currently a Professor at the

He has integrated several dance companies of great recognition

Free dance company in the province of Guantánamo
1. Banrara Dance Company As a dancer and rellisell, under the direction of Isaia Rojas
2. Narciso Medina Company + Rakatan Company
3. Yordance Company
4. Tony Menendez company
5. Changüí festival in Matanzas, dance days, drum festival
International tours and events
He gave Latin dance workshops in the United States, Venezuela, Germany and other countries.

María de los Ángeles Sarduy Gonzáles

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Art
Bachelor of Folkloric Dances
Master of Art
He worked at the School of Art Instructors in Villa Clara
Tropicana School
Higher Institute of Art
National School of Dance from 1991 to the present
He has received self-improvement courses, weekly and postgraduate throughout his career.
He has served as judges in dance events
He has given seminars and courses nationally and internationally in Cuba and different countries.
She was a dancer in the group Obá Ilú, directed by the dancer and musician Gregorio Hernández (El Goyo).

Domingo Mariano Pau Despaigne
  • 1st Dancer, Professor and Choreographer of the National Folkloric Ensemble of Cuba.
  • Raúl Gómez García Medal, awarded by the Cuban Ministry of Culture.
  • National Order of Culture, granted by the Ministry of Culture of Cuba.
  • Tribute Gala for 50 years of artistic career sponsored by the Teatro America in Havana.
  • Choreographer 1st level Okantomi
  • Folkloric and Performance Company
    Festival tribute to his figure for the technical-methodological contribution in the manifestation of La Rumba sponsored by the Municipal Directorate of Culture and the Casa de la Cultura Joseito Fernández “Festival Chano Pozo”

Course studies at the National School of Art.
ena in dance
 She was a teacher at Ena, fulfilling her service
 Graduated from the Higher Institute of Art in
Folkloric dances
He has integrated different dance companies
 Yoruba Andabo
 Abarba group
 Omi Arabi group
 Osaim del monte group
 teacher of the casino dance festival and
salsa academies known as Baila en Cuba.
 Member of the Ensemble Timba ignited
 Teacher of the Enruedate festival in Venezuela

Festivals and foreign events
Teacher of the first salsa fusion festival in Mexico
He has given workshops in France, Colombia, England, Canada, Spain, Brazil
and others

ángel Santos

•Cuban choreographer, teacher and dancer of couple dances

•Winner of the second prize of the television program for dancing
•I take courses in the contemporary dance company
•Received Afro-Cuban dance workshops at the National Folkloric Ensemble
• It has a universe of presentation is accompanied by the most emblematic orchestras of Cuba such as:
The go go
the aragon
national septet
Ignacio Pineiro Septet
The Rev
Alberto Álvarez and his son
•He has been part of the jury of countless casino wheels in Cuba and abroad
•I work as a dancer in the Tropicana cabaret, Hotel Capri, Hotel Comodoro, Cabaret Parisien
•He has been a partner dance teacher in Cuba and abroad.


Leydiana Lisbet

Graduated with a degree in Dance Art, Folkloric Dances Profile.
She finished her Ms in Theoretical Studies of Dance. ISA
Graduated as an art instructor in dance. Center of improvement “

overcoming, Happy Varela.
He has received postgraduate degrees in different dance genres. He has been a jury member at different festivals. He has
Taught creation and appreciation workshops to both children and adults.
She has participated as a teacher in the world meeting of casino dancers and dance academies
salsa known as “ baile en cuba“.
He has given advice to amateur groups
He has integrated different recognized companies in Cuba and abroad.
1. 7 powers
2. obbini robe
3. African America
Havana weather
5. Language of dance
6. Deep roots and others
International tours and events
festivals in switzerland, usa,

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